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Running Track System

1 The Full-PU Running Track System


Poured-in-place running track surface of impermeable design is installed in a multi-layered application.
13-15mm full depth full pour system made with three lift: 1 and 2 and lift are 5 mm thick each useing Full-PU material and 1-3 mm SBR rubber, 3 lift is 3 mm thick using 1-4 mm EPDM rubber broadcast .

2 The Spray-Coat Running Track System

The building block running track system for any facility.
13-15mm Black SBR mat with Spray-coat material and 0.5 -1.5mm EPDM rubber  mixed together.

3 The Sandwich Running Track System

A distinguished collegiate & high school running track system for high traffic facilities.
13-15mm Black SBR mat,pore sealed with Full-PU material plus EPDM powder, 3 mm Full-PU material pour top coat with 1-4 mm EPDM rubber broadcast.

The layout, track lines and event markings are in accordance with the latest edition of the IAAF rules and regulations.

Sports Flooring System

STF Si-PU/Acrylic system material for kinds of sports floorings
(ITF 5,ITF 3 tennis court; EN14904,EN14877CE etc sports and leisure field system ).



1 More wear resistance  compare traditional PU and acrylic surface .

2 More sports play professional with hard top layer and soft body layer .

More exquisite and beautiful surface with  semigloss technology.

4More environmental protection with no TDI , solvent and heavy metal content .

System Support

1 CE certificated synthetic track & field pavement machinery.

2 EPDM color granule and TPR granule for synthetic track & field construction .
3 Prefabricated roll/mat(gym/fitness floor, acoustical underlayment mat).

4 Professional technology supervisor and whole system installation.

Quality Control

Our PU/Si-PU surfacing material product has resulted in a wide product selection of synthetic running track anf field surfaces. We will make sure you get the right product .

Our company has annual production 500,000 square meters of sports running track and field pavement capabilities . Produce a series of polyurethane track and field  paving materials .Professional construction qualification which have ten domestic teams and three oversea team. In addition the company also has domestic first-class laboratory analytical instruments with a set of advanced quality tests to ensure product reliability and stability.

All the PU/Si-PU products are exported to the worldwide sine 2006. The company has always pursued technology innovation leader, continued high quality services in good faith, the purpose of continuing to provide competitive prices with good product for the world.


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We are a highly credited international manufacturer and contractor of Synthetic Sports Surface installation resin material, machinery. All products are manufactured to meet the highest industry standards and they comply with all international regulations and guidelines. (IAAF ,ITF,EN14904,EN14877)

Perfect Construction

      We have 10 man with passport with more than 10 years installation experience ,we guarantee the finished project satisfy domestic and international ‘s high standard test result .include IAAF Class 1 and 2 for athletic running track .

Excellent Support

     All the material and machinery’s manufacture , package ,shipping and construction support is under professional technical supervisor from factory production to project site installation .we guarantee build the first level synthetic sports surface project for you .