IAAF Certificiated STF Sandwich Running Track System(Encapsulated Sandwich with Spray-coat top layer)

IAAF Certificiated STF Sandwich Running Track System(Encapsulated Sandwich with Spray-coat top layer) The STF Sandwich Running Track System builds on STF’s proven design of basemat structural spray systems by providing an additional impermeable seal and middle layer to keep rain and snow from passing through the basemat into the subbase. The STF Sandwich Running Track System’s thixotropic seal layer withstands the toughest climates, provides superior durability, and is backed by STF’s comprehensive warranty. The quality running track installation begins from the ground up – so that is where we start. Construction surfaces begins by building a roadway with a stone base and two layers of asphalt, along with an interior trench drain. The top course is smoother, creating a better bond between the track surface and the asphalt. A 400-meter, regulation, eight-lane track with typical-sized event areas is approximately 5,000M2 in size. Runways and throwing pads included in the track field design are preferably constructed of concrete rather than asphalt. Adequate draining is crucial to maintaining the integrity and longevity of a synthetic track surface and its sub-base material. Because of this, running track design includes a respective drainage structure. The system typically runs along the interior of the track and primarily captures and drains rain water. It can also perform as a water collection system for the athletic field. Including a continuous inlet drain during sports track construction offers superior draining capabilities, increased field of play, a lack of hazardous point inlets on the athletic field, a buffer zone for turf encroaching on the track surface, as well as an aesthetic outline of the track.

  • Client: Sports Surface/Flooring/Running Track/Field construction company

  • Duration: 2018-08-28

  • Total Cost: USD21.37/m2(material only)

  • Tags & Category:
    Athletics stadiums/Competitive running tracks/School sports facilities/Multipurpose facilities

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