Sports & Landscape Artificial Turf

Sports & Landscape Artificial Turf

1. Professional Football field Artificial Turf (25~60mm)

2. Professional Tennis Court /Paddle Tennis Court / Golf field Turf /
Croquet Turf /Gym Turf (10~20mm)

3. Professional Hockey Turf (need underlay shock pad fit for project ) (10~20mm)

4. All kinds of Landscape Turf (18~50mm)

5. Other kind of OEM turf for different application

Full Description

Artificial lawn production process refers to the artificial grass wire after the molding, through the velvet machine and the base cloth woven. It is then made up of a bottom back adhesive (steryl butyl benzene latex or polyurethane). The artificial lawn in the general sense is composed of grass wire, base cloth and stereotyped glue. The quality of grass wire and the level of lawn velvet process affect the surface texture and performance of artificial lawn, and the combination of base cloth and stereotypes determines the overall integration and stability of artificial lawn. From the application of the way to divide, artificial lawn is divided into leisure and sports two categories.

From the product structure, with a variety of yarns through a variety of processes to make the lawn is only a semi-finished artificial lawn, its yarn loose, easy to fall off. Therefore, the lawn in addition to fluffy, but also according to the application of different ways, with a certain degree of rigidity and yarn does not disassemble. This requires adhesive treatment of semi-finished lawns (called embryo blankets) or adhesive bonding of semi-finished lawns with backing to improve the turf’s wideness, dimensional stability and fastening of yarns.

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