PU & Rubber Running Track System

PU & Rubber Running Track System

1.  Structural Spray-coat System Running Track/Jogging Track (Permeable or Sealed) Thickness :13~15mm
2.  Sandwich System Running Track /Jogging Track (EPDM broadcast or Spray-coat surface cover) Thickness :13~15mm
3. Full-PU System Running Track /Jogging Track (EPDM broadcast or Spray-coat surface cover) Thickness :13~15mm
4. Rubber System Running Track / Jogging/Sports/Play Field (EPDM smooth top layer +SBR smooth base layer ) Thickness :8~15mm
5. Prefabricated Rubber Roll System Running Track /Jogging/Sports Field Thickness :6~14mm
6. Prefabricated Rubber Roll with PU material top coating with EPDM granule broadcast Thickness :13~15mm

Full Description

1. Synthetic PU running track, also known as the all-weather athletic running track, consists of polyurethane prepolymers, mixed polyether, rubber tile SBR rubber, colored EPDM rubber granule or PU granule, pigments, additives, fillers. PU track has the characteristics of good flatness, high pressure strength, appropriate hardness elasticity and stable physical performance, which is conducive to the speed and technical exertion of athletes, effectively improve sports performance and reduce the rate of fall injuries. PU track is composed of polyurethane rubber and other materials, with a certain degree of elasticity and color, with a certain degree of UV resistance and aging resistance is internationally recognized as the best all-weather outdoor sports flooring materials (need special pavement machinery and tools )

2. Prefabricated rubber running track surface is made from synthetic and natural rubber compounds, mineral fillers, color pigments and stabilizing agents, Adopt close-cell microbubbling and continuous vulcanization technology, makes track incredible elasticity and duration. It is manufactured in high controlled process. meets WA performance specification. Durable enough to bear abrasion, spike damage ,ultra violet exposure ,water ,moisture and extremely.

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