Pavement & Artificial Turf Machinery & Tools

Pavement & Artificial Turf Machinery & Tools

1. Standard 380v/3ph/50hz TPJ-2.5/1.5/1.2 Paver Machine for Running Track Rubber Layer /Rubber Sports Surface/Playground/ Rubber Shock pad layer paving by installation technician.(TPJ-2.5 can be electric or gasoline or diesel power, can fit with 10-15kw Generator on machine or separately)

2. Standard 380v/3ph/50hz PTJ-120/100/80 Sprayer Machine for Spray-coat Surface Cover Running Track /Jogging Track /Other application by installation technician.(PTJ-120 can be electric or gasoline or diesel power, can fit Generator separately)

3. Standard 380v/3ph/50hz Mixer Machine M200/100 or Other kind of Mixer Machine for Mixing work for rubber granule and PU binder or single/two component PU material by installation technician. (M-200/100 can be electric or gasoline power, can fit Generator separately)

4 . Standard 380v/3ph/50hz Grinding Machine/Scraping Machine for synthetic track and field resurface work on site for grinding or remove rubber layer or PU layer by installation technician.

5. Standard 220v/1ph/50hz Elec heating tools for small rubber surface easy paving work on site by installation technician.(Roller/Plate/Trowel, Other kind of small machine and tools for kinds of installation)

6. Standard 380v/3ph/50hz Big/Middle/Small Size Brusher Machine for artificial turf field brushing and maintenance by installation technician. (Turf Machine can be electric or gasoline power, can fit Generator separately)

7. Manual Turf infill machine and professional turf tools for artificial turf field installation .

8. Gasoline Line Mark Machine and sports court line mark tools.

Full Description

Track & Field Pavement & Artificial turf machinery and tools(Paver ,Sprayer ,Mixer ,Line marker, Sand infill/Brusher machine etc) for sports & leisure surface construction.

Track & Field Pavement Machinery ‘s efficient and efficient professional pre-sales and after-sales service is different from the main advantages of relevant manufacturers and traders, year-on-year accumulated 20 years’ experience engineer and strong worker team to promote the company’s continuous technical improvement, superior and stable product performance, and the ability to solve various technical requirements and problems for customers.

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