Gym/Fitness Rubber Roll & Mat

Gym/Fitness Rubber Roll & Mat

1. Rubber Roll / Tile : Commercial Floor & Gym Floor
(Gyms clubs/Changing rooms/Walkways/Ices rink/Shopping malls/Kindergarten/Office/ Exhibitions)

2. EPDM Sports Surface Roll
(Indoor & outdoor sports courts/Indoor Running Track/Sports and Playground)

3. Underlay Shock absorb Mat & Soundproof Mat & Other underlay mat
(Artificial turf underlay mat or wooden floor soundproof mat )

4. Standard Roll Size 1.22m*3~12mm , Standard Tile Size :500*500mm /1000*1000mm * 15~50mm

Full Description

1. Rubber Roll /Tile : Commercial & Gym floor & Sock absorb/Soundproof Mat

Rubber roll offers excellent underfoot comfort, absorbs walking noise and the shock of training impact. Being made of recycled tire rubber and synthetic EPDM, it is durable and resilient enough to fit for the heavy use in gym room and commercial places. Its supplied in both roll and interlocking ,with various colors available.

2. EPDM Sports Surface Roll

Special designed for indoor & outdoor recreational surface, Pure EPDM roll provides high traction and comfort underfoot. Facilities that have intensive ball sports, running & training would benefit from Pure EPDM roll .Laminated from a base layer cushion (Pure EPDM roll) with a dense layer of compressed EPDM rubber, Pure EPDM roll can qualify the facility with easy installation and economic value.

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