Colored EPDM /TPV Granule

Colored EPDM /TPV Granule

1. Colored EPDM rubber granule for Running Track Surface /Artificial Turf infill Playground Surface /Rubber Mat production /Other (10~30% polymer content ,Size 0.5~2.0mm,1~3mm,1~4mm,3~5mm)

2. Colored TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) granule for Running Track Surface /Playground Surface /Other (Size 0.5~2.0mm,1~3mm,1~4mm,3~5mm)

3. OEM TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) granule for Artificial Turf Field infill application.

4. Black pure EPDM rubber granule and SBR rubber granule for Synthetic Track & Field rubber base layer /Artificial Turf Field infill application/ Rubber Mat production /Other (Size 1~3mm,1~4mm,3~5mm)

Full Description

1. Colored EPDM rubber granule is usually 0.5-2.0mm ,1-3/4mm, with at 10-30% polymer content. EPDM rubber granule are made of synthetic rubber, which can produce a various of colors, and can resist ultraviolet radiation and general chemical ruction with its excellent performance. Especially in the playground construction, it can show the advantage of EPDM color articles. It can be used as a cast-in-place for running track surface, and an outdoor sports and play surface.

2. Colored TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate ) granules are prepared by dynamic vulcanization process, to the latest application to the synthetic running track material system, this eco-friendly material because of both plastic and rubber two-phase characteristics, resilience and wear-resistance is good, is the optimization materials for current running surface project.

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