CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser marking machine

Name:CO2 laser marking machine


Woring area:70-200MM(optional)

Laser wavelength:10.6nm

Marking speed:≤8000mm/s

Repeat accuracy:±0.002mm

Minimum line width:0.1mm

Minimum character: 0.6mm

Total power consumption:0.3KW

Electricity demand:220V/50Hz/2A

Laser repetition frequency: ≤ 20KHz

Cooling method: air-cooled/water-cooled

Full Description


High speed engraving in non-metallic materials to cut out exquisite patterns, clear marks, not easy to wear, carving depth can be adjusted at will, processing process does not need consumables, widely used in glasses frame, glasses lens, buttons, leather fabrics, ceramics, glass, crystal, Rubber, bamboo, wood products and other industries.

Introduction of equipment characteristics:

  1. The laser output power is stable, the precision is high, the energy is continuously adjustable;
  2. Can carry out a variety of graphics, text LOGO, bar code, bitmap, two-dimensional code, and so on, and can achieve code hopping and other functions;
  3. Support WIN XP Chinese interface; support PLT PCX DXF BMP and other file formats, directly using SHX TTF font.
  4. The equipment has stable performance and can work continuously 24 hours.
  5. All imported accessories, currently the most widely used.

Laser marking machine equipment configuration:

1.Super Beyond light road frame;

  1. The imports the technology high speed scanning mirror
  2. A set of 30W CO2 Laser imported from USA
  3. EZD Laser marking Card and Software
  4. Suoyu laser main control system
  5. Singapore import field mirror
  6. A set of imported beam expander mirrors in Singapore

After-sales service:  

  1. Free warranty
  2. The whole set machine is free for one year. Laser source warranty 24 months.
  3. Customer service response time within 24 hours from receiving the notification.
  4. Lifetime maintenance service
  5. In addition to the one-year free warranty period of the machine, the user enjoys the life-long maintenance service of the machine.
  6. Within one year of warranty, regular onsite inspections are provided.
  7. Users enjoy free software upgrades.
  8. Devices that are damaged and replaced during lifetime maintenance are charged at cost.

Conatc person: Allison Yang

Tel/wechat/whatsapp:+86 152 2025 2616

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